Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s UX and Intro to Web Course | Winter 2016

By Maria Richard January 1, 2016

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“But how can you leave New York?! It’s New York! …You’re going to miss it. You’ll be back before you know it,” exclaimed several friends in disbelief, upon hearing that I had made the rash decision to leave my marketing job at one of the largest digital ad agencies in the world to move to sleepy Vancouver, Canada in pursuit of a “better life.”

“Sure I’ll miss the fun stuff,” I went on, “but I’m not going to miss that,” I remarked at the sound of the screaming sirens, “or that,” pointing to the heaps of garbage piled along the street. “Imagine…a work/life balance? Besides, I don’t want to be tied down by an H-1 visa anyway, working in a single, silo capacity for just one employer, from dawn to dusk and for what – a tampon campaign?! I want to work on multiple projects and wear many hats! I want to use my marketing/growth-hacking skills to contribute to the local startup community, and…build an empire! I want to see my ideas come to fruition to make real changes in a business and maybe even make my own business one day,” I remember saying in a naive and mildly pompous manner.

“Please don’t tell people that you’re going to build an empire,” one friend remarked. “You sound full of yourself. I don’t think people will understand what you mean.”

“Why should I humble my goals to communicate them in a diluted acceptable language? Maybe we need to hold onto our child-like passions in order to really motivate ourselves and inspire others to help us achieve our outlandish goals!…so yeah I want to build a f#$%ing empire and who’s to say that’s ridiculous? I’m a marketer/growth hacker – that’s essentially what we do – help small businesses gain traction through marketing strategies in order to meet business goals to then grow bigger! Build empires!”

While my friends may disagree with my level of child-like idealism, mistaking it for arrogance or sheer idiocy, I recognize it as naive, yet essential in motivating my pursuit for opportunities in a new territory.  I sought out Brainstation to help me brave this new venture by upgrading my current skill set, specifically through their Intro to Web Development, as well as, UX Design courses. My background prior to this has been varied, from studying as a graduate student of Neuroscience in Montréal, to obtaining a Master’s in Marketing, subsequently working in fashion and advertising in New York City. However, I still felt as though I was lacking technical skill… Most of what I had learned and achieved up to this point was academic and conceptual, rather than applicable to the workforce.

Through Intro to Web Development, I hope to gain an understanding of how websites are constructed and how this might influence search engine optimization. Moreover, I’d love to learn more about how HTML elements and can improve search engine ranking, as well as learn how to ensure search robots are crawling a site effectively for optimal performance, for example. Through UX design, I hope to expand my creative opportunities, while exploring how user experience psychology influences consumer behavior. I want to explore these two worlds of information and see where they overlap and influence marketing strategy…to aid, of course, in building digital empires.

I have much to learn and am really excited to start this new chapter of my life with the aid of Brainstation. I’m also looking forward to making some new friends along the way!

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Maria is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Web Development and Intro to UX Design course in Vancouver!