Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course | Winter 2016

By Altaira Northe January 6, 2016

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As an avid devourer and creator of online content, and a person who always takes the latest media platform for a test run just in case it becomes the next best thing ever, I would say that as far as the online communication environment goes, I’m no novice. I’ve run my fair share of twitter campaigns, I’ve helped to grow a successful event series, and I’ve helped to develop strategy for the most popular online children’s health resource in Canada.

I’m not planning on seeking a career with a heavy focus on advertising, or marketing. So why take a course on digital marketing? The reason is simple. No matter what your career may be, digital marketing is everywhere. And your ability to market your project, your company, your brand, and yourself, is only going to become more important as our workplaces increasingly move out of offices and into the cloud.

Even if your project is fantastic, and your resume reads like you’re a TED talk giving Olympic Rhodes Scholar, it can be tough to stand out. And in a global online economy, your personal brand may be the thing that puts you head and shoulders above all of your competitors.

I’ve recently left a full-time job for the world of contracting and self employment and side hustles, so these skills are even more important to me than ever. And while I suppose that I could just open my laptop and find all sorts of amazing information about digital marketing and brand building online, there are a few key reasons why taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing class is the obvious choice for me:

  1. I am a procrastinator. Like many other humans, if there is not a solid deadline for a project, or an outside source putting pressure on me to get something done. It will take 5000% longer to accomplish.
  2. Reading an article is no substitute for talking to an experienced person. By a long shot, my best, most valuable learning experiences have been when I’ve had a conversation with a real life person who has more experience with me. You can’t ask a blog post for clarification. You can’t ask a textbook to dive deeper into its own examples. Last year, I took over hosting CreativeMornings Toronto, and the first thing that I did was set up a meeting with David Leonard who runs Walrus Talks to pick his brain about hosting speaker-based events. His advice was invaluable. Learning from real people is always better.
  3. Classes force you to share. While the first step in learning is talking to an experienced mentor, the next step is getting their feedback on your own work. It’s too easy to work on projects in isolation, and to keep them to ourselves for far too long for fear of failure. The problem with this approach is that failure is what makes us better. And while I dread forced sharing as much as the next person, I know that there is no faster way for me to learn how to do something better than by asking other talented people for their feedback.

I have a lot of side projects that I want to launch in the year to come, and BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course is going to help me launch them better. And in today’s online market, I can use all of the help I can get.

Altaira is taking BrainStation's Intro to Digital Marketing Course in Toronto!

Altaira is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course in Toronto!