Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course | Winter 2016

By Graeme Barker January 19, 2016

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Some people will tell you old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but in this life if you’re not learning you’re dying. At age 31 I’m excited to head back to school at BrainStation Vancouver to realign my self taught skill set with “what the kids are doing these days.”

In Nov 2003 a friend and I set out on an entrepreneurial adventure to start a new travel business together. At the ripe old age of 19 we cofounded what is now known as Beach Travellers. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing but sometimes passion is all you need to light the fire. The never ending lists of to­-do’s kept piling up and we just kept knocking them down; marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, finance, banking, photography, videos, events, operations, the list goes on… If you didn’t know what you were doing you’d always find a way to learn quick and get it done.

Twelve years later we are proud to say we are Canada’s #1 boutique travel company for 20­-30 somethings. We specialize in a variety of trips to SE Asia and Surf Camps in Costa Rica. I discovered BrainStation through a friend of mine, Kyle Treleaven, whom I used to work with way back when Beach Travellers was first getting started. Back then Kyle was in charge running a website called snowboard.com – it was Facebook for snowboarding before myspace even existed… Ya, we get it, we’re old! We recently reconnected this fall and I was quite intrigued to learn what was going on over at BrainStation as I had heard good feedback from a few different sources.

My role specifically at Beach Travellers is the Director of Sales and Marketing, and like most roles in small businesses you are often wearing many hats. I chose to enroll at BrainStation to realign my self taught background with their digital marketing program and bring myself up to speed. What really intrigued me specifically was that we get to work with industry professionals that are currently working in the industry. Their day job relates to the area of expertise they are actively teaching in this course. I did look at a few other schools out there (Red Academy was one of them) and I couldn’t find any whom had teachers that were actively working in the industry full time. This was the tipping point for me in selecting BrainStation over the others because as we all know, in this industry things move fast, and learning from the most up to date professionals is as important as ever.

Class kicks off next week and I’m excited for what’s to come. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Graeme is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!

Graeme is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!

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