Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing Course | Winter 2016

By Christina Gooding January 19, 2016

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I’ll be honest, I’m not very tech savvy. A few years ago, I was still not really texting. I’m more of a phone call kind­ of­ gal or even better, face­ to­ face. I’m interested in connecting with people, and often I find technology separates us­. My Dad is basically worse than a teenage girl with his iPhone when we are trying to have dinner (alas, I forgive him,­ he’s like every other adult boggled by how a small piece of metal can do so much). And yet even in the face of this obvious disconnect, the social platforms and worldwide communities that have been created over the last decade intrigue me. The learning, the support, and ultimately the connections that are being created online are impressive.

I watched this digital connection phenomenon first­ hand, as my partner (in life, and now in business), John, launched his company LULORA, an online platform to help his clients create a healthy lifestyle. From the sidelines, I witnessed it transform from a small in­ house experience (case­ study subjects were actually living with him) to a community of 85,000 on Facebook and growing. Now, instead of just reaching 10­15 people locally (in our little health­ bubble of Vancouver), it is reaching thousands who need it the most: Middle America and Canada ­where there isn’t a health food store around the corner­, there’s every fast food chain you can think of. It was all very exciting. Like lots of startup’s however, there have been many growing pains and lessons learned along the way; when the company was in a critical moment of moving forward in January of 2015, I decided to join forces.

Ok, let me rewind for a second, and give you a little background on me. I’ve been in the acting and producing business for the last 10 years. Moving out to New York City as a teenager, I’ve spent the last decade between NYC, LA, and Vancouver. I’ve had the privilege of working on some amazing TV, film and theatre projects. I’ve been involved in producing (which came alongside acting), mounting and starring in a theatre production out of high school, and continue to be involved with sketch ­comedy nights, fundraising events, web ­series, and most recently a full­ length feature.

My passion for connecting is deeply rooted in my years studying human behaviour and my endless curiosity of stories­. Whether it be a play, TV show, or a the narrative of a personal story told through documentary, stories ­can transform someones’s perspective, and maybe even help them understand their own struggles or create a sense of empathy.

After a year of some serious trial­ and­ error with LULORA, I’m excited to be joining the Digital Marketing Course at BrainStation. I hope to grow my knowledge of the online and digital world to spread stories that help people connect.

Christina is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!

Christina is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!







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