Tech Reads | What We’re Reading | August 3, 2017

By BrainStation August 3, 2017

At BrainStation, we never stop learning – our team is obsessed with it. With so many bright individuals sharing content back and forth every day, we thought we’d share some of the best content we come across each week in hopes to inspire you and get you excited about what’s happening in digital. Below is a roundup of our favourite tech reads from the week ft. topics in UX Design, SEO, Data, Product, and more.

How to Work with Engineers: A Designer’s Perspective | Medium

“As a designer I have to be aware of the limitations that code has, and the best way to do so is learning how code works, or how to code.” Great advice on how learning HTML & CSS benefits Designers.

The Noob Friendly Guide to Link Building | Ahrefs

A comprehensive overview of link building for SEOs, backed by solid data and full of additional resources to optimize your website.

The Fundamentals of Great Product Design | BrainStation

We dive into the key considerations for Product Design, including a Beginner’s Mindset, the importance of building good chemistry within Design teams, and key skills to possess.

Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Is About 2 Things: Data and Product | Forbes

An interesting analysis of the $13.7 billion acquisition that disects what Amazon is really up to. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods enables them to add a tremendous amount of data to their offers, and they can use this data to better understand their customer’s needs, predict shopping behaviour and generate longevity with its loyal customer base.

CGI to Cut 1,600 Jobs, Reshaping Workforce as Web Dominates | The Globe & Mail

CGI measures “will be focused on readjusting its employee skill base in order to improve utilization rates and increase automation, which should lead to improved margins”. A great example of a Canadian company investing in the digital workforce, a topic we wrote about recently which you can view here.

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