What We’re Reading | June 27

By Mauricio Poveda June 27, 2015

The BrainStation team is back with another batch of great weekend reads! From 3D printed custom cars, to the future of hoverboards, there’s something for everyone!

First ‘iPad For The Blind’ Created | IBT

Blitab Technology has created a tactile, liquid-based tablet able to output braille, graphics, and maps for the visually impaired. The tablet uses liquid bubbles to instantly generate braille at a higher rate than existing products, at a lower price! Exciting advancements that will help many people in the future.

Lexus Releases First Look at Their Smokin’ Hoverboard | Tech News World

We’ve all been waiting for news like this since the first time we saw Back To The Future. Lexus has just released a teaser featuring their hoverboard prototype. The hoverboard is powered by superconductors, which are cooled with liquid nitrogen, and permanent magnets that will be bringing this board to life!

3D Printing Could Bring Back Custom Carmaking | Tech News World

Exciting news for car buffs! Divergent Microfactories just introduced their 3D printed supercar, Blade. They believe the rise of 3D printing will revolutionize the car manufacturing industry, and make it more affordable for companies to release cars in a variety of new, futuristic styles!

Google Looks To Bring Free Wi-Fi to New York City | Metro UK 

Google has big dreams of providing free Wi-Fi worldwide, but you have to start somewhere! The company plans to roll out their first trial in New York City, by converting old telephone booths to hotspots and charging stations! Say goodbye to high priced data bills!

Worlds First Commercial Jetpack To Be Released Next Year | The Guardian

As if the hoverboard prototype wasn’t enough, the Martin Jetpack will be released for commercial sale next year for $150,000. The jetpack, made of aluminum and carbon fibre, will be able to take up to 120kgs into the air!


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