What We’re Reading | July 3rd

By Mauricio Poveda July 3, 2015

The BrainStation team is back with another round of weekly reads! We’ve got remote controlled Range Rovers and solar powered planes… what more could you want? Read on to see this weeks favourite reads:

AOL, Microsoft, & Uber Strike Deals | Fast Company

In exciting news for AOL, they have recently struck a deal with Microsoft, to takeover the unused ad space on Microsoft’s gaming, mobile, and web products. The catch? AOL has to make Bing their default browser search engine choice, which will be a massive boost for Bing. On the other hand, Uber has purchased Microsoft’s mapping technology for price yet to be revealed. Maybe now we won’t have to adjust that pin so much!

Solar Powered Plane Smashes World Records | Gizmag

In recent travel news, the Solar Impulse 2 has begun obliterating former world records. The plane is able to fly day and night running solely on solar energy without any fuel. It recently beat the record for longest distance and duration for solar powered flight, as well as longest ever solo flight without refuelling.

Nasa SpaceX Mission to ISS Results in Explosion | Guardian

The SpaceX CRS-7 rocket failed after launch on Sunday. 2 minutes after launch while the flight path was curving downward, three explosions occurred. The cargo was lost, however the ship was thankfully unmanned.

Sony To Raise Nearly $4B to Fund Their Turnaround | Reuters

As Sony aims to reinvent itself and work towards a more niche market, they hope to pull away from the consumer products they used to focus on, such as televisions. The company hopes to raise the money through public offerings. Sounds like there is lots on the way from Sony!


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