What We’re Reading | August 14

By Trilby Goouch August 14, 2015

The BrainStation team has rounded up their favourite tech news of the week! We’ve got phone-charging jeans and updates on Tesla topping our list this time. Read on to see what else blew our minds this week:

Real Life Lord of The Rings City In The Works? | CNET

Middle-earth may becoming a real thing… if you have $2.9B lying around. A team of architects/Lord of The Rings superfans teamed up to create this rather ambitious project of building a fully livable Minas Tirith in the U.K.

Phone Charging Jeans – The Future of Fashion? | Today

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck without a phone charger and you’ve hit the red zone. As you try to salvage your last 10% of battery, have you ever wished your phone could just magically charge in your pocket? Now it can, thanks to California-based Joe’s Jeans. The current design is iPhone only, but we can see this trend picking up quickly.

IBM’s Watson Gets Some Eyes | Tech News World

Watson, IBM’s legendary supercomputer that beat Jeopardy whiz’s Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, is its way to becoming even more advanced. Due to a $1B USD deal to acquirer Merge Health, IBM is planning on giving Watson a pair of “eyes”.

Tesla To Raise $500M In A Public Offering | Tech Crunch

Tesla recently announced their decision to sell 2.1 million shares of common stock. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk plans on purchasing ~$20 million of shares himself. This means we can expect continuous growth for the company and some more innovative projects from Tesla in the future.

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