Full-time Web Development | Why You Should Be At BrainStation

By Vivek Singal January 21, 2016

When it comes to getting hired, web development is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the most in-demand skills. Toronto is associated with multiple different bootcamps that focus on different topics in the technology space to arm you with developer skills. Researching and deciding which bootcamp to attend is not just a walk in a park! As technology is changing, you want to be part of bootcamp that doesn’t just teach you in-demand skills, but the skills that will be in demand for the future. This is where the BrainStation Web Development Immersive program comes into play.

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One of the most important factors in choosing a bootcamp is the content delivery; a lot of web development content is available online, but how it is delivered may not be the best. BrainStation educators evaluate the industry trends after every cohort is completed and apply this to each cohort’s curriculum. This allows for web development immersive students to be up to date with the most current languages and frameworks that are being used in the industry.

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Content is as important as the teaching methods and styles being used. Brainstation not only gives you the skills to be a developer, but teaches you how to self-learn through self-guided learning techniques. Self-guided learning is a skill that is developed and nurtured throughout the 10 weeks using a flipped classroom approach – students are given topics and challenges to try and complete before the instructor provides a solution. Self-guided learning is integral to the curriculum so that once students graduate they will be able to continue developing without depending on instructors or teaching assistants.

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During the final two weeks of the program, BrainStation gives students an opportunity to work collaboratively to build a full production web application. The experience is meant to simulate a real product development life cycle, giving students the opportunity to plan, research, and build out an application from an idea presented by external stakeholders. The opportunity gives students the skills to work with industry software, planning tools, and different code bases. The experience gives students the opportunity to showcase that they have worked in a development environment, and understand how to plan and build a web app.  

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Additionally, interview sessions take place during the last week of the course, where each student is interviewed by BrainStation’s parent company, Konrad Group, a digital agency in downtown Toronto. These interviews are not just about landing a job, but are also a key opportunity to provide feedback to students so that they can excel in future job interviews.

Setting goals and providing mentorship play key roles for both students and educators during the 10 weeks of the program. Students are asked to provide goals coming into the program and these goals are assessed every couple of weeks. By acknowledging these goals at an early stage, educators can ensure that students stay focused and on the right path to achieving the goals they set out to accomplish.


Networking throughout the 10 weeks is another important aspect of the program. It gives students the opportunity to understand what employers are looking for in the job market as well as develop their personal network. BrainStation’s diverse network and connection with Konrad Group gives students networking opportunities and provides them with insight into the tech world. As students are introduced to different stages of the development life cycle, members from Konrad Group are asked to come in to present to students about how developers need to communicate cross functionally.

BrainStation’s Spring course kicks off Monday, March 28th for 10 weeks. Apply before February 24th and you’ll automatically receive $500 off with the Early Bird special.