Top 10 Resources Of A Hootsuite Senior Software Engineer

By Tatiana Novosa July 16, 2015

Shane Da Silva, Hootsuite Senior Software Engineer and current Intro to Web Development educator at BrainStation, shares his top 10 resources for building your first website.

Dimensions: A browser extension for coders to measure screen dimensions. Measure between the following elements: images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text, icons. You can measure everything you see in the browser.

Avocode: Avocode quickly and automatically analyses your PSD or Sketch file and brings everything into a beautifully designed UI

Twitter Bootstrap: Twitter’s Bootstrap is an excellent set of carefully crafted user interface elements, layouts, and javascript tools, freely available to use in your next web design project.

Chrome dev tools: A set of web authoring and debugging tools built into Google Chrome. Developers can use the DevTools to efficiently track down layout issues, set JavaScript breakpoints, and get insights for code optimization.

LiveReload: LiveReload monitors changes in the file system. As soon as you save a file, it is preprocessed as needed, and the browser is refreshed. Even cooler, when you change a CSS file or an image, the browser is updated instantly without reloading the page.

Github: A system that allows for grouping all the files I’m working on in a given project together in a system that can watch for changes, log them, and quickly move to different points in time.

Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It’s 100% free. Anyone can ask or answer a question.

Sublime Text: Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

CSSLint: CSS Lint is a tool to help point out problems with your CSS code. It does basic syntax checking as well as applying a set of rules to the code that look for problematic patterns or signs of inefficiency. The rules are all pluggable, so you can easily write your own or omit ones you don’t want.

HTML Tidy: HTML Tidy is a tool for checking and cleaning up HTML source files. It is especially useful for finding and correcting errors in deeply nested HTML, or for making grotesque code legible once more.

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