Why I took the online SEO/SEM/Analytics Course

By Hanna Kim November 7, 2017

I work as a Growth Marketer at Logojoy, an online logo maker that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate design for new businesses. With customers from all over the world and an entirely digital product, SEO and SEM is a huge marketing component. Knowing that the digital space is constantly changing, with different coding languages and marketers getting smarter, it’s tough to keep up!
I enrolled in BrainStation’s SEO/SEM/Analytics Online course to brush up on old skills, and to continue learning from other professionals in the industry. We’re about halfway through the course and I couldn’t be more pleased (the comfort of sitting in sweats and not having to rush dinner to make an evening course has been a game changer). I had some initial concerns about the level of engagement in an online course but quickly tossed those away after the very first class. The instructors spoke slowly, clearly, and asked a ton of questions to get the class involved, just as if we were sitting in a classroom.
The way the ‘class’ is set up is that we’re all on one big video conference call, rather than an instructor talking into a camera in front of a white board. Both instructors and students are able to share their screens, what they’re working on, and are often divided up into ‘Break-Out Rooms’ where we’re able to collaborate together on a small project assigned in class. The instructors love to answer questions, whether it be about the students’ professional day jobs, or a side hustle they’re working on.
More than the engaging classroom experience, it’s the content that really makes this course worth while. Though I’m already using many tools and concepts being taught, I’ve been using them to serve just one purpose, when really each of these tools can be used with a bigger strategy in mind to truly optimize and make our work at Logojoy more efficient.
The beauty of courses on digital topics is that there’s always so much more to learn because of its technology always changing. Whether you’re interested in just learning about what SEO/SEM is, or are already working in the industry, no matter what skill level, there are learnings in this course that everyone can benefit from!

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