This Week In Digital Marketing | Our Favourite Social Media Reads

By Trilby Goouch October 7, 2015

Each week our Digital Marketing class scours the web for great reads that pertain to that week’s lesson. Not only does this make for an entertaining class Slack feed, it also helps our students take their newfound knowledge and apply it to real-world examples.

Here are this week’s top picks.

5 checks to ensure your Facebook Page is up to date – Social Media Examiner

  1. Review your ‘About’ description
  2. Add a call-to-action for different devices
  3. Choose a featured video
  4. Allow people to privately message your page
  5. Post regularly using publishing tools

Is your company a social media zombie? – Medium

“Here’s an idea: find the time to have a close look at your company’s Twitter account, and go over the last couple of weeks, checking each update one by one. Ask yourself, in all honesty, who on Earth is going to be interested in them. Why was it written? Just because “we had to”? What was the objective? What was the strategy, if there was even one? And “being” doesn’t count. Perhaps the outcome of this exercise will be to show that your company is wasting time and money on something that serves no purpose other than to be able to say: “We have X followers…” …who must all be bots or brain dead.”

John Oliver: Corporations on Twitter

For those of you who know and love him, Oliver does a great job at shedding the spotlight on (and poking fun at) big corporations’ Twitter game.

Instagram hits 400 million users, soaring past Twitter – Forbes

Of Instagram’s 100 million newest members, more than half live in Europe and Asia, and the countries contributing the most new users are Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

9 huge mistakes you don’t know you are making on social media – Entrepreneur

  1. Posting the same kind of content again and again
  2. Not getting your social media followers into your funnel
  3. Not responding to comments and questions
  4. Being insincere or unauthentic
  5. Not posting with your target market in mind
  6. Constantly promoting your products or business
  7. Having unrealistic expectations of social media
  8. Not building relationships
  9. Posting too much

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