The BrainStation Experience | Intro to Web Development | Week 2

By Trilby Goouch July 9, 2015

In our first Intro to Web Development class we covered language. Specifically, that at some point most of us will come into contact with the back end of the Internet, so it’s helpful to know a few foundational HTML words and phrases. Much like when you go to France and annihilating basic conjugations in conversational French gets you a lot farther than using perfect English.

The language lessons in BrainStation’s Intro to Web Development, however, extend beyond expectation. In learning to create a website splash page (in just the second class!) not only do you discover how to weave “divs” and “padding” together, you re-learn what you thought you knew about speaking English. To wit:

Logic: You thought this was the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference (or something like that). As it turns out, logic is the grease in HTML. If you apply logic to every line of code you write in your CSS (cascading style sheets, for the uninitiated), your web page will come together far more quickly. Side note: There is also something in computer hardware called a “logic circuit.” Mercifully, building one of those is not covered in this course.

Triumph: The condition of being victorious becomes inextricably linked to returning to your code and properly identifying the where you buggered up.

Humility: Officially a modest opinion of one’s own importance and rank, humility actually means opening up your 1986-era MS-Dos-looking first assignment and the guy beside you has crafted something that looks like it’s on its way to the Webby Awards.

Frustration: More than just a feeling of being thwarted, this is what you feel when you watch how quickly your web dev teacher hammers out code. (Our teacher, Shane, works at Hootsuite, so this stuff is kinda in his wheelhouse.)

Defeat: There is no such word.

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