The 7-Step Digital Marketing Plan by Emily Taylor from Tradable Bits

By Ben Blair July 16, 2015

We’re sharing key insights from Emily Taylor’s Vancouver Digital Marketing Workshop – aspiring marketers, take note!

Vancouver BrainStation Workshop

Step 1: Define the business GOAL: “Our ultimate goal is…”

Step 2: Assign strategic ACTIONS: “We’ll achieve it by…”

Step 3: Identify your AUDIENCE: “Our target market is…”

Step 4: Find your NICHE: “Our niche in the marketplace is…”

Step 5: Craft your VOICE: “Our unique brand identity is…”

Step 6: Fill your TOOLBOX: “The tools we can use are…”

Step 7: Decide your success METRICS: “We’ve succeeded when…”

What’s in Emily’s TOOLBOX: 

Buffer: Great for scheduling content across social networks

Mention: This will help with tracking web mentions

Sunrise Calendar:  Useful for combining calendars; editorial calendars, etc.

Tradable Bits Stream: Excellent tool for collecting, curating, sharing user-generated content about you

Active Inbox : For organizing emails into tasks with deadlines

Google Analytics Page Analytics plugin for Chrome:  For tracking website activity

***Caveat: The best tools are the ones that align with your goals, actions and audience. Don’t ever let someone tell you that one tool is right for everyone!***

The Complete Guide to the 7-Step Digital Marketing Plan

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