Tech Reads | What We’re Reading | August 10, 2017

By BrainStation August 10, 2017

At BrainStation, we never stop learning – our team is obsessed with it. With so many bright individuals sharing content back and forth every day, we thought we’d share some of the best content we come across each week in hopes to inspire you and get you excited about what’s happening in digital. Below is a roundup of our favourite tech reads from the week ft. topics in UX Design, SEO, Data, Product, and more.

The Value of Real-time Data Analytics | Forbes

Despite the profound value of data, many leaders today fail to realize the potential at their fingertips. Great read on how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) development are revealing new insights, and how managers can take advantage of real-time data analysis and management.

Transferring Your Skills to Become A UX Designer | BrainStation Blog

A thoughtful read written by a BrainStation full-time UX Design Alumni who made a successful transition from architecture to UX Design. Here is discusses how you can use skill-sets from other industries and apply them to the world of UX.

How to Win the SEO Game When You Don’t Have Time to Play It | The Next Web

We all know that today’s companies need to keep SEO top of mind when building their online presence, but when you’ve got a lean marketing team, it can be a challenge to allocate time to optimizing your website. This article provides a few quick tips (great for startups!)

UX Process: What It Is, What It Looks Like and Why It’s Important | Adobe

Insightful UX read that highlights the general UX design process, as well as the order in which specific UX phases should be taken. It also dives into the methods that can be used by UX designers during each phase of the design process.

I’m Matthew Glotzbach, Quizlet CEO, and This Is How I Work | Lifehacker

The former VP of Product Management at YouTube opens up about his background, favourite tools, what he’s reading, best career advice and more.