Student Experience | UX Design | Darshie Yogarajah

By Darshie Yogarajah September 22, 2015

UX Design Student Experience | Week 1 | Darshie Yogarajah

Presents, great food, and even better company – this is how I would sum up my first day as a UX Design student. Are you jealous yet? You should be.

It’s only the first week and my BrainStation student experience has been off to a great start! Here’s why:

A Warm Welcome
UX Design Course 1

We all love free stuff – but when swag doubles as cute on-the-go accessories (like comfy tees, BPA free water bottles, and stylish notepads), that’s a major plus! To top it off, a delicious dinner was on the house too! (Does your school do that? No, didn’t think so!)

Talent All Around

Meeting my peers and getting to know what drove them to take this class was perhaps the most exciting part of the day.

As one of the youngest members of our cohort – I plan to act like a sponge and soak in as much knowledge as possible from all the talented, passionate, and enthusiastic professionals around me. During the icebreaker, I was stoked to see that not everyone was a designer – instead there was a very diverse mix of entrepreneurs, developers, project managers, and marketers in the room. This fusion is great because it will allow for strategic collaboration and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

From “Fluff” to Foundation

Ux Design Course pathing

After introductions were made – our instructors dove right in to the meat of what UX design means. Thanks to (lead instructor) Vadim’s simple breakdown, terms that used to sound like tech fluff (UI, IxD, UCD, HCD – you get the point) suddenly felt more straightforward and easy to understand. Once a solid foundation was set, we dove into the KPI’s of successful UX design and started brainstorming for our own core projects.

Interested in learning more about the course and my top-secret UX project? Stay tuned for an update next week!

Darshie Yogarajah