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By Amie Zimon February 26, 2016

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Top 5 things I’ve said out loud in a BrainStation class:

5. “What the $%&*?”

Pardon my French, but this stuff can get confusing! My educator – the seasoned pro – is excellent at breaking down the lessons and setting a cadence for learning, but when it comes time to ‘code out’ on my own, I feel like I’m swimming in sea of symbols, swearing more than my mother would approve. The exciting part? My educator is always there to support, I never feel intimated to ask questions, and the brain pain only lasts a few minutes.

4. “I’m sorry, can you show me one more time?”

a. It can all seem so simple ‘inspecting elements’ on the big screen, but when I return to my laptop screen on my own the HTML starts to blend together and I’m left forgetting how to make my text bold again. The exciting part? The BrainStation portal breaks down all the lessons with the easy-to-follow tips I need including learning objectives, modules and useful links for extra support. Not to mention, they’ve set up us up on Slack to connect with my educator and classmates outside the classroom when needed, and they never miss a message!

3. “Pssst…can you help me?”

Small class sizes at BrainStation makes leaning in to ask a friend for help no problem – especially when you’re all navigating the learning ship together. The exciting part? New friends! Meeting friends – especially as an adult – can be tough! The space fosters unlimited connection opportunities, and teaching someone something new you’ve learned puts a little spring in your step on your way home from class (like, on the way to celebratory beers!).

2. “YES!”

The sweet sound of victory! There’s nothing sweeter than transitioning from ‘WTF’, to ‘show me again’ to ‘YES!” – and trust me, it happens every.single.class. The exciting part? Just when I thought an old dog couldn’t learn new tricks, my brain is catching on like wild fire in 7 short weeks. What once intimated me seems do-able, and every week I am faced with a new challenge to conquer. Think you’re too old to learn new tricks too? Think again.

1. “Thank you”

Seriously, who knew learning could be so great? I can’t count the amount of times I hear the word ‘thanks’ in an evening at BrainStation, but I know it’s a lot. I’m constantly impressed by how much the educators, fellow students and staff go over the top to help the community out. The exciting part? Positive vibes baby. When you’re learning in an environment that you feel valued in, your gratitude grows and your desire to learn sky rockets. Happy nights in the classroom? Win! I’m in.

Amie is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

Amie is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

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