Student Experience, Yash Paliwal | Full-time Web Development

By Yash Paliwal April 12, 2016

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Tell us a bit about yourself – your education, current role, why you decided to enrol in the course.

So I have a bit of a different background than most of my fellow students in the WDI course. I studied Computer Science for about 2 years at the University of Western Ontario, before dropping out. After that, I went to work for an Tech + Food platform called Foodora in Toronto for about a year doing Business Development. After getting a taste of the tech world and seeing the different opportunities that exist, I realized I wanted to further equip myself with the relevant skills. However, the idea of going back to the antiquated university, education system where I really didn’t excel seemed like a terrible idea. After exploring my options, I realized that I could get exactly the skills I’m interested in, in the kind of environment that I excel in right here in Toronto, at BrainStation.

What are your goals for the course? 

I have two equally important goals for this course. Firstly, by the completion of the WDI I want to be equipped with the ability to know how to approach creating a web application solution for most modern day problems (e.g. why isn’t there an app/a better app that let’s me easily see where the closest/cheapest parking spot is, etc.). Other than that, I look forward to starting off my career as a junior developer after this course.

It’s been 2 weeks since the course kicked off – what have you found the most interesting thus far? 

The most interesting parts of the course for me, other than the content, has definitely been the auxiliary talks and events in incorporated in WDI. These talks have been about things like the history of the internet, the current state of the global tech world and many other interesting topics. Though these topics aren’t necessary to learning web development, they add to the learning experience and help us get a better understanding of the complexities of the tech world. There have also been a number of great events such as a class party, evening talks (through BrainStation for the general tech community) and many others.

How would you describe the learning environment? 

The learning environment is highly enjoyable, low-pressure and very conducive to my learning. I really enjoy the small class size, approachable instructors/TAs and iterative method of teaching (small lecture, challenges, group work, repeat). The lack of grades and hard assignment/deadlines, and plentiful amounts of support and office hours, means we can feel comfortable that we will not be left behind. Though the days tend to be long, the method is highly effective.

What have you found to be challenging? 

The biggest challenge is definitely the sheer amount of information that we process through each day. Sometimes it can feel daunting to go through so much material everyday, however, the instructors and TAs are very supportive and constantly reassuring us that we will be able to connect all the information that is being taught to us so quickly.

What are your goals for week 3 & 4?

My goals for the upcoming couple of weeks are to better use the resources in class (TAs, instructors and materials provided) to accelerate my learning. I’m also hoping to complete a personal profile website within the next week. Finally, I aim to get further involved in the events and community that BrainStation hosts within the Toronto tech space as it’s a great way to network and learn about the opportunities available beyond the WDI course.


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