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By Yash Paliwal May 25, 2016

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Just two weeks left until your course is complete! What new knowledge have you found has had the greatest impact on you?

Phew! What a journey it has been so far. With just a couple of weeks from the end of WDI, it’s amazing to think about all the different tools, concepts and languages I have learned in such a short period of time. The most value knowledge that I have gained however, is the conceptual understanding of what makes a modern, software application (specifically web apps). This includes how information is passed within the conceptual Model-View-Controller framework of an application, how APIs are used to connect multiple pieces of software into new applications and using version-control and deployment tools to place a web app on a public web server. The greatest personal impact for myself and many of my peers in WDI, has been the empowering feeling of being able to create wholly new and useful pieces of software which we can share with the whole world via the internet!

Can we get a sneak peek at your final project? 

Sure! So I’m working on a web app that will let the user create an account where they can input which stocks they own, and the app will give the full updates on their positions (whether they’re making money or losing money, and if so, how much). Along with this, the app will also give the user relevant news results and show graphical representations of the performance of their stock portfolio. Here’s an image of my work from the first day:

Now that you’ve all been learning together for 8 weeks, what is the classroom experience like? 

The classroom experience has evolved really well over the last couple of months. Our cohort is quite close; we’re all able to discuss and share ideas on a regular basis and gain from each other’s unique experiences/perspectives. I’m really glad that I’ve gone through the WDI with such a great group of people. In fact, we also coordinate awesome lunches from the best local restaurants:

What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging? 

The most rewarding part of the WDI program has been the mindset of seeing the world in code. The thing that I wanted to gain most is the underlying understanding of how to make a piece of software, which may serve as a solution to an important, modern-day problem. And sitting here now, near the end of the course I can definitely see that skill set developing for me.

The most challenging part of the course is definitely the accelerated nature of it. This is also what makes the WDI highly effective. The objective of the WDI isn’t to develop strong skills in the web development within the 10 weeks, it’s to develop the habits and core knowledge around web dev, which we can go on and harden by practicing further through and beyond the course. That said, it has been key to keep in mind that it’s ok if we don’t pick up all the topics right away, as long as we understand what these topics are and are confident to be able to tackle them as needed.

What are your goals for your final two weeks of the course? 

For the remainder of the course, I aim to work on my final project (along with a couple other smaller projects) and solidify as many of the skills we’ve been taught so far, as possible. As the final project weeks are very open-ended, it’s a great opportunity for us to ask as many questions as we’d like of our TA’s and instructors. Along with my stock portfolio app (which is my final project), I will be aiming to complete a personal profile as well. I also aim to get both these projects hosted online. Finally, I’m excited to enjoy some of the upcoming events hosted by the BrainStation community. Events such as the Block Party next week, and some of the speaker series coming up as well!

Yash is taking WDI at BrainStation in Toronto!

Yash is taking WDI at BrainStation in Toronto!

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