Student Experience | Why I’m Taking UX Design | Hannah Koh, Kupfert + Kim

By Hannah Koh September 16, 2015

Hannah Koh

Looking at course offerings for a space like Brain Station is kind of like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry: everything looks something you’d want to try, and as you go from area to area, you keep switching your mind as to what you actually want.

As someone whose role is helping our various restaurant with support in areas wherever it is needed, all of the courses seemed both relevant and interesting:

Digital Marketing to fine tune our online presence?

Intro to iOS Development to help us create an app?

Product Management to better analyze our customer base and develop CRM?

In the end, User Experience Design seemed the most all-encompassing, with topics covering everything from market research to designing user experiences for various types of individuals, all tied in neatly to designing for different technological platforms.

Considering the type of quickly changing  world we live in, being able to learn a skill that is relevant in all areas is an exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to learning all I can over the next three months. Make sure you check in each week to follow me on this adventure!

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