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By Ayesha Dhillon March 29, 2016

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I fell in love with the tech and startup world back in 2014, after I graduated from UBC. It was around that time that the Vancouver tech scene seemed to be making big leaps, and like a lot of grads my age, there was such a huge opportunity for growth and continuous learning that I wanted in. Since then, I’ve worked with a handful of startup companies, dabbling in just about everything (ah, the joys of a startup) ­ from marketing and PR to copyright and code! It wasn’t until a few months ago, just before Christmas, that I decided maybe I should be a little more career-­oriented in my path…

For the past four years, I have had every intention of pursuing my MBA abroad, and somehow every year, something comes up and plans change. I wrote my GMAT, applied to schools, got references and even accepted my place… only to defer to the following year. Then I start the cycle all over again, thinking a one year program is what I want, what I need, right now in my career. Maybe I’m bored? Maybe I just need a little change? Either way, I think if you’re not growing, you’re dying, so when I heard about the UX course I was 100% in! I’m doing a part-time course, which is great since it allows me to keep my job working in social media during regular hours, and once a week I’ll dive into the world of UX and absorb everything (I’m hoping I’ll get my classroom fix this way). If I love it, great, I have a new career path. If I don’t? Well there’s always school next Fall?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the place to be right now is in tech. It’s constantly changing, growing and 10 years from now there will be a plethora of jobs in the industry. In order to stay relevant and up to date, thinking ahead of the curve and updating your technical skills is critical! I eventually hope to open up my own business one day, and having a deeper understanding of User Experience along with web development is a huge advantage! I have been obsessed with “customer experience” all the way from my first job in retail, at DAVIDsTEA. At the time, DAVIDsTEA had about four stores and we followed three steps to guide the customer’s experience each time they stepped into a store. While translating customer service into customer’s experience on a website may be different, I’m hoping to find a few similarities too! What am I most excited for? Learning everything I don’t even know about yet! The possibilities are endless since I have no background in UX!

I’m so excited to take YOU along this journey with me as we head back into the classroom together. While it might not be an MBA program abroad, I’m betting it will still prove to be challenging, innovative and inspiring all the same! Check back for my posts each week where I recap you on what we did, what I learned and how I’m feeling about everything!

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Ayesha is taking UX Design at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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