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By BrainStation September 21, 2016


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Carson is a 25 year old currently working in Vancouver, BC as an Ecommerce Manager at a sneaker and apparel store called Livestock ( Originally from Victoria, BC, he moved to Vancouver two years ago to pursue an interest in fashion, ecommerce and business. Some other interests of his include photography, technology, running, and surfing.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

I’m enrolled in SEO/SEM & Analytics course for this cohort. I decided to take it to learn the best practice SEO and SEM techniques and the proper metrics to observe and measure their effect. I feel that SEO and SEM are areas that we could focus on more at Livestock and so I hope to gain applicable knowledge that can help us increase our traffic, sales, and conversion.

What are you most interested to learn?

I’m most interested to learn the best practices for both SEO and SEM techniques and get a better idea of Google’s ranking structure. I’m hoping to try to optimize our current and future search/keyword results and ad campaigns as much as possible and I think the best way to do that will be with knowledge of the most optimal and search-friendly structure.

What’s your favourite tech company doing awesome things and why?

I would say my favourite tech company at the moment is probably Shopify. I use Shopify almost every day to run our ecommerce store at Livestock, and I really believe that it is going to be the future of ecommerce for small mom and pop stores, to large multi-million dollar companies. It’s a company that really listens to its customers and what they actually want out of a platform, and I think that companies that continue to optimize their product by utilizing the customer community to the extent that Shopify has are extremely progressive.

What’s your favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city?

My favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city is anywhere along the sea wall – I think the sea wall is one of the best things Vancouver has to offer for running, biking, and enjoying scenery (unless it’s raining of course).

How do you plan to apply your newfound skills personally and/or professionally?

As mentioned in the questions above, I plan on applying the skills I will obtain from this course at Livestock to help build our search traffic and get more people to our site with the overall goal of increasing sales and conversion. I think that what I learn in this course will be a great jumping off point for future learning in more specific areas related to SEO and SEM.

Carson is taking SEO/SEM & Analytics at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Carson is taking SEO/SEM & Analytics at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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