Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Intro to Web Development | Sarah Krzyzek

By Sarah Krzyek June 17, 2016

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Tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Sarah Krzyzek and I’m a graphic designer in the education industry. I am also an artist and recently started a blog to share my work as well as inspire others to start making art of their own.

What made you decide to take Web Development?

Last year I led the creative team in updating my company’s website to a responsive design. Designing the website was the most fascinating project in my entire career and I loved every moment of it. So now that I know how a website should look, I want to dig deeper and learn how a website should work. Bring on the challenge!

What are you most excited about for the course.

I’m really looking forward to the classroom experience. I’m usually more of a self-taught learner, and I did attempt to learn web development on my own but I had a tough time knowing where to begin. I think learning from an expert in the field, soaking up information among my creative peers, and working on real projects will teach me infinitely more that I could learn on my own.

What are your goals for the next 10 weeks? What are you hoping to get out of the course?

My long term career goal is to leave the corporate world behind and eventually become my own boss. Even though I have seven years of graphic design experience, I think that alone isn’t enough to attract new clients. As a beginning freelancer, a solid understanding of web development in my arsenal of skills will open me up to bigger and better projects and clients.

Sarah is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation Vancouver.

Sarah is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation Vancouver.

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