Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Intro to Web Development | Peter Fernandes

By Peter Fernandes July 4, 2016


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I’m not in the Tech Industry which I’m sure the majority of Brainstation students are from, but I still love tech just like you.  A long time ago now I did go to school and received a Diploma in Business Computing.  Initially working at a small start-up designing databases and web sites before CSS even existed.  …I’ll let you do the math.  Even though I loved it I didn’t’ want to spend my entire day in front of a computer so I went back to school to get my business degree started a career in sales.  I had hoped to continue to work in the industry except in sales, but the economy wasn’t on my side at the time.  Looking outside the industry I began my sales career working for a leader in B2B and am currently managing a team in Western Canada.

So what made me decide to take the Intro to Web Development course?  A few reasons really. I love my job and my role, but I miss coding and want to build some sites for myself and for others in my spare time.  Over the years I’ve upgraded some of my skills on my own but so much has changed and there’s nothing like learning in a classroom with a room full of like-minded people including a good friend of mine who is also enrolled in the course.   

 Looking forward to the next 10 weeks and am most excited about refreshing and upgrading my out of date skills as well meeting some new people.  I’m confident by the end of the course I’ll have the skills to create some great sites from start to finish and hopefully finally understand git.

2 weeks in thus far and we’re not wasting anytime.  After some housekeeping items and introductions to classmates and instructor we jumped right in. First covering HTML the first week which was a good review, but by the second week we were moving through things quickly ahead finishing off HTML and HTML5 and on our way to diving deep into CSS by week 3.

The pace is fast which can be challenging at times, but I like it as I was concerned the course would be too elementary since the class is split between students with a coding background and those with no background at all.  However, our instructor Steve manages to accommodate the different skill levels by answering all of our questions and showing us some advanced tips and tricks while still following our course modules to keep us on track.

I’ve already begun my final project on my own time and am having issues with CSS positioning so there’s no surprise I’m looking forward to week 3 & 4.  Over the next 2 weeks CSS is going to be our focus with extra time on positioning which is going to help me immensely as it’s a critical area to understand well moving forward.


Peter is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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