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By Lana Rothman March 30, 2016

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Some would think that taking a bachelor degree in marketing at university would land you a pretty decent job in marketing right? Wrong! Well, at least for the program I was in. Unfortunately after spending 4 years in east‐coast snowstorms, I returned to beautiful Vancouver, with no job offers in marketing, after applying to several local companies. How could this be you ask? Well, every job description I was interested in required certain skills for online marketing. These skills, being fairly new to the industry, are not yet taught in university classes. (Again, maybe just at my university and my personal experience). By the time each textbook is finished being written, the content inside is partially already expired and old news to current students. This left me pretty frustrated! I had taken E‐Commerce, Marketing 101, Consumer Behaviour, Business Strategy, and several more related marketing courses towards my degree, yet all my textbooks (and professors) taught me was the bolded definition of, for example, Pay‐Per‐Click and SEO. There was no hands‐on learning, no industry professionals, and no projects on anything the current job market was looking for – just the classic group projects for coming up with website or business ideas. That was the extent of my knowledge of these key industry terms after graduation. Not saying my degree did not help me in any way at all – it certainly opens doors and prepares me for certain workplace situations, but ultimately did nothing for what career I was hoping to have.

So I have found myself working in sales and now in fashion merchandising, both not utilizing my degree in marketing as I would have hoped for. This is because every job posting for a ‘digital marketing coordinator’ or ‘marketing specialist’ requires knowledge and skills of digital marketing that I really don’t have in‐depth knowledge or hands‐on experience with. Frankly, I just feel super intimidated when I looked at these job postings. This past year, I also helped my parents open a bath and bedding boutique, Rothman&Co, in Kitsilano. Working to open the store, I started to think back to my degree. I want to be able to help them drive business to the retail store and really open up the possibilities of their online store.

Rothman and Co. - Parent's Company Referenced in Blog

Rothman&Co is a bath and bedding boutique located in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

This is why I have chosen to sign up for the Digital Marketing course at BrainStation – to gain back my confidence to perhaps one day apply to marketing jobs and to help give back to my parents and help them with their retail and online store. I am excited to learn from actual professionals in the industry, and to gain valuable hands‐on experience and skills I can use in today’s workplace. I attended an Instagram Marketing workshop last week, and already found this type of session more valuable than any guest speaker that was brought in at university. I believe BrainStation will by the cherry on top for my marketing education and will equip me with the current industry tools I need to take my career to the next level for my personal and professional goals.

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Lana is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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