Student Experience | Why I’m Taking User Interface Design | Marie-Hélène Goulet

By BrainStation September 20, 2016


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Marie-Hélène is a web/graphic designer with a background in object design, creative writing and social media. She likes modernism, Dieter Rams, grindhouse typography and 90s aesthetics. She was once the senior editor of a large fashion blog and has co-published a book about how to survive your twenties. Marie-Hélène is still alive today.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

I am enrolled in a User Interface Design Class. I am lucky because my workplace is pretty keen on continued learning; we are given a yearly development budget and are encouraged to always get better at what we do.

How did you hear about the program?

A friend gave a talk at BrainStation and that’s how I came to hear about what BrainStation does. My work team also held several agile brainstorming workshops at the Yaletown space during these past months. The peer-to-peer vibe pleased me and I’ve decided to enroll for the following semester.

What are you most excited to learn?

Design tips and tricks coming from reputable designers – it’s always fascinating to learn how people get around to create things.

If you had to pick a favourite tech company doing awesome things – who would it be and why?

Not quite a tech company, but have a look at the work of Daily tous les jours (, a design firm founded by Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat. These women are doing of a clever use of technology, blurring the lines between experience design, architecture and interactivity.

Favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city?

Any park where I can do good dog spotting (the action of finding out cool looking dogs, haha).

How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?

I hope I’ll be able to manage more web projects on my own, as the primary designer, both in my workplace and in my freelance practice.

Marie-Hélène is taking User Interface Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Marie-Hélène is taking User Interface Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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