Student Experience| Why I’m Taking Digital Marketing | Lindsay Rhee

By BrainStation November 25, 2016

Find out more about our Digital Marketing Course.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Lindsay Rhee. Born, raised, and currently living in Toronto. I oversee all things web for the fashion shoe retailer sites: Capezio Shoes, Davids Footwear, and our newest baby: DUET Shoes. E-Commerce Manager by title, but that loosely covers everything from sales, photography, creative content, product management, social media, marketing, and customer service. And… a few random things between.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort?
I am enrolled in the Digital Marketing course.

How did you hear about the program?
A few of my friends have enrolled in various courses at BrainStation in the past, and have even gone on to working for the company.

What made you decide to take the course?
I’ve only heard really great things about the classes, the experience, and of course, the newfound skills that came through enrolling.

With my current position of work, I wear many different hats and touch upon a wide-range of tasks – hugely online and digital. Each topic the Digital Marketing class focuses on, relates to my everyday workflow. It is exciting to learn more in-depth from industry experts and also meeting other classmates who are hungry for the same type of knowledge.

What are you most excited to learn?
Really, everything. Each week touches upon a new subject that I can apply and relate to.

On a personal level, I am looking forward to learning about Social Media management. I probably relate to it the most with my own channels (@lindsayrhee). It has been truly eye-opening and enlightening to gain an audience (and community), solely from presenting a snippet of my own personal daily life – and random things I find interesting. My personal social media has opened a lot of doors for me and has allowed me to meet some really cool people and brands. So it would be helpful to gain more insight on how to manage it, yet keeping it very authentic.

On a professional level, the Analytics class. Of course being able to create cool content is great, and having an audience is really great… but I’ve learned that you need to be able to measure and analyze to really take it to the next level. AKA I’m hoping this course will help me become a SEO and Google Analytics undercover-pro. Hmmm.

How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?
I hope to use my new skills in optimizing our retail sites to be the most Google-friendly they can possibly be, using our social channels to increase exposure, and exploring the best methods/practices to get our product and content out to the whole entire digital world. Oh and of course to grow business, duh.

If you had to pick a favourite tech company doing awesome things – who would it be and why?
I have an  admiration for Shopify. They have this ability to make every little and big thing in eCommerce seem very, very simple. There is a plethora of useful and applicable information coming from Shopify. They are largely aware of what their consumer needs and wants are, and they respond in ways that make sense – I like that. Also, they’re just cool. Super smart, and super cool.

Also, Uber. Because what was life before Uber?!

Favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city?
That is tough. And my answer can change on the day you ask me.

Overall, an excellent me-day would be very, very chill. It would start after a full 9 hours of sleep (obviously), a quick morning run (if I’m being good), brunch (#1 choice would be Saving Grace but without the multi-hour wait), coffee at Sam James Coffee Bar (any of the locations), and some cruising around town on my bicycle Poison Ivy (she is green and dangerous). A little nap before dinner, and then drinks with friends. Or tea, if we’re feeling like grannies that night.