Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Digital Marketing | Emma Knight, Greenhouse Juice Co.

By Emma Knight September 11, 2015


It is in hopes of learning how to do my job properly that I’ve signed up for a course in Digital Marketing at BrainStation this fall.

As the Director of Brand Development at Greenhouse I am responsible for the voice and development of the brand. On one level that’s pretty easy, because our brand is all about transparency. It sounds trite, but it’s true. What our symbols, the greenhouse, the terrarium (the name of our blog and a recurring theme in our design) and a bottle of Greenhouse juice have in common is that they are living things – plants – housed in glass. Our goal as a company is offer widespread, sustainable access to plantbased nutrition of the highest quality. Our marketing strategy (if you can call it that) has been to use tools like social media to share that goal, and the progress we’re making toward it.

If my title sounds a bit made-up, that’s probably because it is. I made it up six weeks after we opened our first shop in Toronto two Januaries ago. In those freezing cold early weeks, as I would imagine is true in the earliest stages of any company’s life, all of us wore many hats – perhaps better described as helmets. We still do. At the time, coming up with a title that would explain my peculiar umbrella of duties (daytime juice proselytizer and nocturnal bottle labeller among them) seemed a Herculean task, even for the person who had initially been brought on as a copywriter. I scoured LinkedIn, corporate hiring pages and career advice forums for inspiration, but found little that was relevant. So I made one up. I figured I’d grow into it.

My educational and professional background is in journalism, international relations and European languages (French and Spanish). I feel good about computers, having been fortunate enough to have grown up with one attached to my person, but there is still a lot for me to learn when it comes to things like SEO, SEM, CPCs, CPMs, CTRs and Snapchat. For these reasons and many others, it is with immense enthusiasm (and some relief) that I look forward to studying Digital Marketing with BrainStation, and learning to apply far greater precision to the overarching task that it is my privilege to carry out every day: namely, characterizing and participating in the evolution of the Greenhouse brand.

– Emma Knight

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