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By Daniel Crough June 14, 2016

Learn more about Digital Marketing in Vancouver. 

I am part of the first generation of digital natives: the personal computer became a household item right around the time I was coordinated enough to click a mouse. I’m a soon-to-be graduate of the four-year Bachelor’s in Marketing Management program with Langara School of Management. In addition to my undergraduate education, I also hold a Certificate of Technology in Software Systems Development from BCIT. I am a self-employed marketing consultant who has worked with non-profits and businesses in a variety of sectors. Currently I am working on some marketing projects for a local software start-up.

I love design in all of its forms and I am interested in pursuing an education in product design/management down the road. I am quick to embrace change in the digital world and I have used everything from LiveJournal to Periscope. I am excited about the next generation of social media platforms and how they will be used to connect people. I am a technophile who enjoys using data to create descriptive and actionable marketing intelligence. I believe that marketing shouldn’t be about selling stuff. It should be more about finding out what people need, then building products and services that satisfy those needs.

In my free time I enjoy activities that get me outside. I garden, cycle, rock climb, snowboard, hike, camp and always appreciate a good barbeque. I grew up working in the restaurant industry; as such, I have developed an affinity towards dining in all its forms. I have an education in wine and spirits so I am always down to nerd-out about wine and and craft beer. I am passionate about activism, sustainability and leadership and would hope to find a career that aligns with my values. I have travelled extensively across Asia and North America and hope to see a lot more of the world in my lifetime.

It seems that it is difficult for post-secondary institutions to build curriculums that can keep up with the quickly changing digital world. Because of this, I have taught myself a lot of what I know about digital marketing. I’ve managed to cobble together a solid understanding of digital strategy, but my documentation and processes lack finesse. I chose to take BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course because I want to synthesize all of the concepts and skills I have acquired through education, and experience.

Some topics I’m excited about exploring:

– Proving digital marketing efforts by linking ROI to marketing tactics
– Executing well-considered SEO and SEM campaigns
– Learning about proven social media tactics and strategies that are used to build communities and brand awareness (particularly with LinkedIn)
– Documenting the customer journey, visualizing the marketing funnel and creating marketing personas

Further to the above, I’m excited to meet and connect with other local marketing professionals! I’ve heard great things about the BrainStation community and look forward to checking out some of the BrainStation events.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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