Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Data Analytics | Kendra Moroz

By BrainStation March 24, 2017

What is your education and career background? Your current role?

I’m the Head of Customer Success at ZenHub. ZenHub helps teams like NASA, Microsoft, and Shopify establish fast-moving business processes so they can inspire and innovate, creating phenomenal things we know and love.

From studying political science and law in my Undergrad, to early childhood development as my Masters, and continuing in post-graduate studies areas across Project Management and Interaction Design, I can confidently say I don’t have a conventional educational background. Having a breadth of knowledges has meant I’ve found success in tech by ignoring the typical advice of specializing at a young age and “staying on a single path” to find success. As a result, I’ve had the honour of developing career expertise in agile project management, strategic business goal-setting, front-end web development, customer engagement and acquisition, through to the ins-and-outs of the construction business. While seemingly a bundle of left turns, this has led me to define my career in Customer Success where I’ve become a champion and advocate for the voice of the customer in all user experiences. I spend my days creating delightful moments.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

I’m enrolled in the Sprint Cohort of the Data Analytics course. Up until a few years ago, I was ingrained to believe I wasn’t far enough ahead, I wasn’t worth that director level position, and that I was never going to be a strong, inspirational women to others around me. I had grown accustomed to accepting the cards someone else had dealt me despite the incredible education and experiences I had backing me up. Over the past few years, I’ve had some major life milestones that have allowed me to shake of the erroneous notion I believed that life is just there and you have to live in it.

Now, I consider myself a customer chemist—I experiment to learn, learn to empower others around me, and leverage information around me to make informed decisions that prove we should never just be okay with situations around us.  So when presented with the option to take a BrainStation course I thought, why not data analytics? My role as a product-centric customer experience professional means I’m constantly thrown into situations where I can just rely on guesses. Guesses doesn’t move a business forward—I have to make informed decisions.

The more I can understand, the easier it is to build business cases, speak the same language as the technical team around me, all while satisfying my curiosity, a curiosity to never believe that good is good enough.

How did you hear about the program?

I’ve attended numerous workshops and events since BrainStation launched in Vancouver. They’ve been extremely impactful in moving both my network here in Vancouver forward as well as contributing to significant idea generation and growth in my professional career. As the Volunteer Chair for Women in Tech Vancouver, I was presented with the option to be an ambassador for a scholarship at BrainStation. Given the positive impact the team at BrainStation has already had on my career here in Vancouver it was a no-brainer to enroll in the course.

What are you most excited to learn?

How to build business cases around large data sets that can speak to various stakeholders in the business. Sifting through numbers, patterns, and trends can get daunting but the more you do it, the more you’re able to navigate it. I constantly challenge my own thinking and perceptions of what I can and cannot do, so being able to dig more into the technical side of data as it relates to database management and transforming raw data into meaningful insights excites me.

If you had to pick a favourite tech company doing awesome things – who would it be and why?

Intercom, hands down. Everything they do is calculated and crafted to tell a cohesive story about the importance around human-to-human businesses. From the marketing story they tell, the detailed craft that goes into their product, to the phenomenal level of customer experience they provide in success interactions with their customers, their team is rallied behind a engaging mission and it shines throughout all levels of the business. Not only do I believe in their product, but the business model they’ve created to making meaningful impact in the tech scene is an inspiration for other start-ups looking to become that next billion dollar business. I also believe the balance they’ve crafted between playful and serious, while being established and innovative is a craft not many businesses get right. Keep it up ✌?

Favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city?

Tangent Cafe at Broadway and 5th—Great beer, feel good vibe, and my number one go-to-brunch spot for early afternoon lazy weekends.

How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?

At ZenHub we’re moving fast in 2017. I plan to help take our business to the next level by inspiring the team with insights we’ve never considered to tackle challenges we face with new perspectives. Professionally, I hope it also makes me a stronger coder and more inspirational woman for other young ladies breaking into Tech—knowing how to work with numbers can be daunting to those more comfortable working with words and graphics. I want to break down those barriers and misconceptions and make data something everyone incorporates in their day-to-day.