Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Data Analytics| Jordana Benamor

By BrainStation January 25, 2017

Get to know Jordana Benamor, who is joining us for our Winter 2017 Data Analytics course in Toronto. Learn why she decided to take the course and what she hopes to accomplish in 10 weeks.

Here is a little about me, and why I decided to take the Data Analytics course at BrainStation. I’m Jordana, a 25 year old living in Toronto. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating I spent some time (like most people) searching for the right job.

I started a 6 month training program with a medical device company for a Surgical Consultant position with Tribe Medical Group, who is the exclusive distributor of Arthrex. The training consisted of learning general medical knowledge as it relates to orthopedics, anatomy and extensive product training in a lab setting.

My role as an Surgical Technology Consultant is to manage existing accounts at various hospitals, and to ensure that our products are being used correctly in surgery. My day usually consists of attending a couple surgeries, including ACL, rotator cuff or foot and ankle procedures where the surgeons are using our products.
So, why did I decide to take this course? When I’m not in the operating room I am at home using SAP, which is an ERP used to manage business operations and data management. Since I use this system on a daily basis I wanted to improve my skills in data analysis to help me further understand operations within each hospital.

Another reason I decided to take this course is because I am currently looking into pursuing a Masters in Health Informatics at UofT. I am hoping to combine my clinical skills and knowledge of the healthcare system as well as my experience in IT to eventually pursue a career in this field.

These professionals use their knowledge in healthcare and IT to securely gather, store interpret and manage data generated when care is provided to patients. As you can imagine, they are responsible for analyzing massive amounts of data to help facilitate decisions and use the data driven solutions to improve patient care.

With this course I hope to learn the fundamentals of data analytics so I can be more efficient in my current role, and more importantly to help to open the doors to a career in Health Informatics.

My goals for the following week is to refreshen my statistics skills and start applying the concepts I’ve learnt in class at work!

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