Student Experience | Full-time Web Development, Week 4 | Hanna Kim

By Hanna Kim February 10, 2016

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JavaScript in the previous week proved to be a huge challenge, but this week was a much more encouraging one. I think a lot of my peers (myself included) are finally getting comfortable with this logical (but not logical in the beginning) mindset we have to think in. We are starting to really understand what we’ve learned in the past, why we learned it, and are able to better connect the dots with the help of our instructors and our best friend, Google. We used what we learned of JavaScript so far, and applied to the basics of AngularJS for Week 4.

AngularJS is a framework for creating dynamic web applications. It helps create ‘easier’ functions (easier because it helps eliminate tons of lines of JavaScript you’d otherwise have to write). A lot of people have asked why we’re learning Angular over any other framework. Considering the zero programming experience I’ve had in the past, and what I’m able to do today, I don’t see why we’d have to learn any other framework for creating web apps. With some research on Google though, you’ll find that frameworks, like everything else in our modern society, has trends – Angular is the latest and the greatest, so why not learn it?

I’m thoroughly impressed with what we’ve been able to slowly put together this week. We created a simple ‘To-Do’ application where we were able to add tasks, delete them, and filter them by completed, active, and deleted tasks. I know this sounds really simple, but this was a huge accomplishment for the class – creating a functional application. By the end of the week, we were challenged to create a simple IMDB app that had substantial functionality. The app was able to show a list of movies. You could then click on a specific movie, which would open to a new page listing all of the movies details. We were also able to filter all the movies by rating, title, and description. Again, probably sounds simple, but I promise, everyone was challenged at some point in completing this project.

Every week, I’m always excited about the potential that the concepts we just learned can have and translate to in our own personal projects. If I wanted to create a personal website/blog, I’d already be able to create a functional website to post photos and content for someone to click through and read, displayed just the way I want it. When I first signed up for this course, I expected to learn how to do just that. I’m so impressed with the content (it’s a TON of content), that’s being taught in this course and how much more I’ll know leaving this course than I had originally expected. Sure, I won’t be an expert developer in just 10 weeks, but I’ll be exposed to so much content and concepts in order to continue learning and growing as a developer.

Next week, we learn about how to ‘talk’ to servers, and to create functionality such as ‘logging in’ to a site!

Hanna is taking BrainStation’s Full Time WDI program! She will be graduating in 10 weeks as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.

Hanna is taking BrainStation’s Full Time WDI program! She will be graduating in 10 weeks as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.

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