Student Experience | Full-time Web Development, Week 3 | Hanna Kim

By Hanna Kim February 3, 2016

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I can’t believe Week 3 has already come and gone. Time is flying by in this course, and I’m so impressed with how much the class has covered and learned so far.

Before I dive into what we’ve learned so far, here’s a quick recap of the way the class is structured – every morning we have a lecture, which varies in length depending on the content, then we have a few short exercises to complete to ensure we’re grasping the concepts, and a more challenging project to work on for the rest of the day that ties everything we’ve learned together (including concepts from previous weeks).

Week 3 was mostly focused on one project: creating an online journal where a user is able to input new entries, delete them, search for entries based on keywords and tags, and view them, all from scratch. This might not sound so exciting or even that challenging, but I promise you, every single student in the class had hurdles to jump at some point. In order to complete this project, we were required to not only use HTML and CSS to create a great looking online journal, but we had to use JavaScript and JQuery to create functionality.

Here is an example of what I created this week:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.08.29 AM

This project really really made me appreciate animations on webpages. Animations include the click of a button (how the next page or window opens), the different ways you can scroll down on a page, hovering over menu links, etc. Every single action or cool experience you see on a webpage, no matter how small, has a ton of code behind it.

Summary: we have learned A LOT, and I think we’re all (at least I am), really proud of how much we’ve absorbed so far! It’s also been a lot of fun getting to know the different people in the class. Everyone comes from different backgrounds – there are master’s graduates, financial advisors, marketers, engineers, international students, photographers, and more I haven’t learned about yet, all varying in age too. It makes the course so much more fun with everyone learning at different speeds, in different ways, and it puts you at ease knowing that you’re going through similar challenges together.

Hanna is taking BrainStation’s Full Time WDI program! She will be graduating in 10 weeks as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.

Hanna is taking BrainStation’s Full Time WDI program! She will be graduating in 10 weeks as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.

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