Student Experience | Full-time Web Development, Course Reflection | Hanna Kim

By Hanna Kim March 21, 2016

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The past 10 weeks were filled with some of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences. To think that I sat down on the first day of class not knowing the difference between HTML & JavaScript, to completing an entire website for a local company (with both client-facing and admin-side features), fills me with so much pride and joy!

BrainStation’s Immersive program not only taught the necessary coding skills to create a complete front-end online experience, but also allowed students to experience real-world scenarios: problem solving, group work with Git, working with clients, independent learning, and the cherry on top – how to prepare for interviews for developer jobs.

In the last week, students had the option to be interviewed by Konrad Group for a potential web-developer position. Every single student was given this opportunity, whether they felt ready or not, which is a true testament to how committed this program is to ensure individual success. You’re given the opportunity to experience your very first, and very real interview as a developer and be provided with feedback on how to improve for the future. Through this experience, I learned what my strengths and weaknesses were and what my next steps are to continue building my skills.

On our final day of class, each student, and a few groups, presented our final projects. Some students created their own blogs/platforms using third party CMS APIs, others created a new website for existing local companies, and a few went outside the box, creating an online quiz making/taking platform, a complete soccer-ESPN/Sportsnet-like experience using web scrapers to find clips of the most recent goals, and relevant articles on Reddit and Instagram, and more. It’s definitely suffice to say that each student worked extremely hard in the past 10 weeks and are proud of the new skills learned.

I’m so excited to see how each student grows, and where they end up a few months from now!



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