Student Experience | Visual Design, Week 2 | Nick Hillier

By Nick Hillier October 6, 2015

Pencil to paper, or mouse to canvas?

Visual Design course

It’s amazing to see how much you can master something in a week, and this point was really driven home by how familiar everyone seemed with photoshop – and to think this is only week 2!

After a fun and hands-on start to the program in week 1, I was really hungry to progress and learn more photoshop essentials. Week 2 really delivered. From detailed layer masking to hilarious photo manipulation, a broad spectrum of useful techniques were covered off during our class class.

What I really loved about week 2 was that a lot of these techniques were really relevant to the work we’d be looking to do on our future projects. This was more than apparent while completing our moodboard assignment for the week, which required sourcing and masking a variety of images and type treatments to create a final board that guides the creative look and feel of our future web designs.


But it wasn’t all work on week 2 – mastering the fundamentals of photo manipulation was actually fun while making some, um, interesting enhancements to our favourite local rap celebrity. We’ll have to show you the results next week 🙂

– Nick

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