Student Experience | UX Design, Week 6 | Carolyn Hoang

By BrainStation November 11, 2015

In the weeks leading up to Week 6, we’ve touched on so many important aspects of UX. We’ve learned about and put to practice personas, sketching, user experiences, and user mapping. We really got to see the importance of identifying our users and their habits and interests because those are the people that we’re catering to and creating for. This week, we took all the things we learned so far and went a couple of steps further: wireframing and prototyping.

We learned that wireframing defines the hierarchy of the design, making it easier for the designer to create a layout suitable for the users wants and needs. Shortly after, we dove right into making prototypes. Yes, you read right. We made actual, functioning prototypes of the wireframes we just created and really zoned in on the interaction we wanted to create.

Our in class activity was to design a dating website form. We had to sketch how we wanted our form to look, create a wireframe, and make it into a functioning prototype, just like we would if we were trying to pitch a design. And then next week, we’re acting as live users and will be testing our prototypes to see if they really work… and maybe even get a date!

This my progress below:

Screenshot of User flow Wireframing at BrainStation Vancouver

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