Student Experience | UX Design, Week 4 | Carolyne Hoang

By BrainStation October 16, 2015


Graduating University 4 years ago, I never saw myself going back to school, let alone to another big lecture hall. But after working 3 years at a corporate company, I found myself leaving that job to dive into the unknown: the Start-up world. I now work for Mala Collective, a local Mala Beads company that believes in crafting meaningful products with the intention of living a more mindful and meaningful life.

I didn’t know a lot about E-Commerce. I got hired at Mala Collective with the intent that I would learn enough about it on the job to essentially do the job. That only got me so far, and that’s how I found myself at Brainstation.

Right from the get go, I’ve found that Brainstation is a place that allows students at all levels to join together and learn together. Every class starts with student presentations to reflect on what was learned in the last class and every class ends with a class activity to put to use what was just absorbed.

In just a mere 4 weeks, we’ve already covered and put to use some pretty big ideas such as personas, sketching, and information architecture – all concepts that I never knew ever existed in the E-Com world until stepping into this class. Everything that we’re learning about so far is not only the foundation of my job; they’re relevant notions that are trending all around us – our educators make it easy for us to see that.

I feel like I’ve already learned so much, I can’t wait to see what the next 7 weeks have to offer!

– Carolyne

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