Student Experience | UX Design, Week 3 | Hannah Koh, Kupfert & Kim

By Hannah Koh October 6, 2015

Project Management Layout

Week 3 had our class moved into the brand new headquarters of BrainStation, a beautiful space designed with learning and collaboration in mind, built on feedback from instructors and other users of the space. Everything from the multiple projector screens to the group collaboration rooms was laid out with the intention of providing the best possible space for learning and creativity, and it seemed only appropriate to be learning about experience mapping in this carefully thought out space.

In designing an app or website, you want to make sure that you are creating an experience that is as positive as possible for your user. This seems like an obvious thing to state, but once you start breaking down any experience into the highs and lows of what a user experiences, you realize at how many points a user can have a negative experience, and how little it would take to have that less-than-stellar experience turned into a positive one.

We broke off into groups, and armed with our trusty post-its and Sharpies, mapped out different user experiences.

On a superfluous note, it was great to have the large tables to work on, as it would have been hard to execute and analyze the sprawl that became our post-it journey map on the smaller tables in our crowded classroom in the old building!

The exercise in itself was extremely enlightening, as you so rarely think about why you’re drawn to an action, or analyze each step of the interaction once you’re engaged in the process.

Having done it once, though, I’m now consistently analyzing the experiences that I have in my day to day:

Why am I choosing to take this action?

What are the steps that I’m taking to achieve this end?

How do I feel throughout the process?

Am I happy with the result?

Could it have been better somehow?

It’s an interesting way to look at the world, and an even more interesting way to look to build better employee and customer experiences, especially with a brand new customer experience coming soon at our Spadina location opening.

One of our instructors also left us with some final examples of experience mapping in your everyday life, which can be found on Instagram at #100daysofjourneymaps. 

Hope you find it as inspirational as I do.

– Hannah

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