Student Experience | UX Design, Week 2 | Stefan Pidzamecky

By Stefan Pidzamecky September 30, 2015

After a busy week – I was back at it with the UX Design course in Waterloo. This week, the primary focus of the class was how we would take what we’ve learned about User Research and building User-Centered Design (UCD) Personas.

I’ve heard of UCD but, to be honest, had never truly knew what it meant. Quite simply put, Karin explained that UX is the discipline, whereas UCD is the process. Much of the remaining curriculum of the course will be based on this process and putting each step into practice.

After reviewing the process in-depth we jumped into User Personas. It was during this discussion that I learned one the most interesting concepts about Personas that will definitely stick with me long after the course. That concept being Extreme Users.

“If we understand what the extremes are, the middle will take care of itself.” (Sam Farber of OXO Good Grips).

Building a solution for the average user will undoubtedly fail as that user persona is not rooted in fact. Alienating extreme users (ie. alienating real users) will undoubtedly result in a poor user experience for everyone.

With these concepts in mind – we put our User Research chops to good use by interviewing (and being interviewed by) classmates for our personal projects. We’ll be using what we learned in these interviews to build out our UCD Personas, and presenting them next week. I’m excited to see how mine turn out and what approaches my classmates found success (or challenges) using.

– Stefan

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