Student Experience | UX Design, Week 1 | Hannah Koh, Kupfert & Kim

By Hannah Koh September 23, 2015


UX Design Course

When I went into this course, it was with a focus on what I would be learning from the instructors, and how this would benefit material I produced at work. I was excited to learn about how individuals interact with different documents and platform, and to design an app that would be a great reference tool for Kupfert & Kim team members.

After the first session, however, I’m realizing that it’s the experiences and ideas of the other people in the class who will be teaching me just as much as the actual course material.

Everyone from the instructors to the partners that we’re working with have interesting backgrounds, life experience stories, and a great willingness to share it. Listening as we went around the room introducing ourselves was eye-opening as I realized that this course wasn’t just for tech professionals, or those looking specifically to learn how to design a user-friendly platform.

The woman across from me talked about her experience as an “office ninja”, and her drive to become more specialized in her work that brought her to BrainStation.

Another student spoke candidly about how he had attended one of Toronto’s post-secondary institutions, only to realize two years in that his chosen field wasn’t what he actually wanted to do. He was on his third course at BrainStation, and talked enthusiastically about how he felt like the courses were giving him “real life skills”.

It’s this level of interaction and collaboration as we design our individual applications and platforms that will help us create an end product that is well planned out, and it’s wonderful that BrainStation provides a space that allows for so many different types of people to come together to learn from each other. 

– Hannah

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