Student Experience | UX Design | Darshie Yogarajah

By Darshie Yogarajah August 31, 2015

Darshie - DSC_0888

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

With everything I do, I believe in standing out. I believe in contributing value to organizations by making a meaningful, measurable impact. The way I stand out is by seeking experiences that challenge me mentally (competed on a varsity wrestling team for three years), motivate me professionally (won an international marketing management case competition), and stimulate me creatively (starred in an award-winning short film that screened across Toronto). As a young professional, I definitely embrace my inner FOMO and am not afraid to take risks.

Throughout my entire life I had wanted to go to art school. The “plan” since I picked up my first Crayola box in kindergarten was to become a famous visual artist and display my work in fancy galleries. I thought my career was set, but one day the flip switched for me.

One day, when I got a bit older, I remember there was this really dapper guy with shiny shoes and flowing hair cut who visited my grade seven class for a career presentation – he was an advertising art director at a global ad agency and gave me his business card. His dynamic portfolio opened my eyes to the world of interactive design, and from then on I’ve been hooked.

Now going into fourth year of Marketing at the Ted Rogers School of Management, I have developed a solid foundation in business strategy and have a keen interest in all things digital. I respect companies driven by user-centric marketing strategies, and am obsessed with brands that focus on immersive story-telling. As such, I am stoked to be joining BrainStation for the UX Design course in the upcoming weeks!

As a BrainStation Brand Ambassador, I have had the pleasure of spending my entire summer working with the team here in Toronto – which makes me exponentially much more eager to start the course! I strongly believe this experience will help me stand out as a multi-faceted marketing professional, and prepare me to become a more valuable member of any team. I look forward to facing the mental challenge of learning new content outside of my degree program, embracing professional motivation from the talented BrainStation community, and indulging in the creative stimulation associated with building powerful user experiences.

Follow me on my journey as I get one step closer to doing what I love, and get inspired to chase your dream too!

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