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By Lisa McAnulty March 28, 2016

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Oh how the time flies…

Our cohort had presentations this week, and everyone came at the project from a different angle. Even the format of how the user would experience each design was different. Adrienne proposed a web app approach that could be accessed on a mobile device to help you choose the perfect customized wedding cards, design, and format. Jasmine put forward a design for a website that would help you with all your business travel needs, with the option of having personal assistance. Mirena’s project would be used on an iPad to help personal trainers store client information so they aren’t storing information or re-entering information from multiple platforms, which would enable them to focus more on training and less on logistics.

After taking this course and having a little more time to mull over what I have learned, I intend to continue with my project and take a User Interface Design course in the summer semester. I find the approach and style of teaching to be in line with how I learn best, and I find the content to be relevant to what’s happening in the world right now. Everyone at the school is approachable, non-judgmental, and wanting everyone to succeed.

If you are up for a collaboration, you can find me around campus. Thanks for reading!

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