Student Experience | User Interface Design, Week 8 | Kelsey Reidl

By Kelsey Reidl March 7, 2016

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Our class is starting to tie up all loose ends and prepare for our final projects. I’m feeling much more confident about the interface that I’ve begun to create, and my early vision is finally coming to life!

As a student with no background in Photoshop or User Interface Design, it was certainly a challenge for me to conceptualize and start building my website. Unsure of how it would all look once it was brought together, I felt like I was “winging it” each week with the assignments. Sure, I had some sort of vision for what I wanted my final product to look like, but I kept changing my mind and altering the look of my site. My lack of certainty left me feeling a bit scattered and unclear. 

Now that I’ve completed 8 weeks of the course and therefore also competed 8 assignments, I have all of this work completed which I can put together in my final project. Over the next couple of weeks I will work to tie it all together and makes small changes to my earlier assignments so that they all look great together.  I’m reminded through all of this that perfection is not the goal, but rather completion and pulling out key learnings each week so that I can continue to improve my skills and content.

I’m very excited to wrap up the last couple of weeks and pull together all of my new knowledge, and create the website design that I’ve been imagining for years. Wish me luck!

Kelsey is taking BrainStation's Visual Design course in Toronto!

Kelsey is taking BrainStation’s User Interface Design course in Toronto!

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