Student Experience | User Interface Design, Week 6 | Kelsey Reidl

By Kelsey Reidl February 23, 2016

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This week, instead of reviewing the content of my User Interface Design Course (which I am thoroughly enjoying) – I want to share some of the perks of being enrolled in a part-time course with BrainStation.

When signing up for my User Interface Design course, one of the BrainStation Admission Team Members reviewed with me all of the additional perks that came alongside taking a part-time course with them. Of course, my eyes light up when I heard of the wonderful privileges of being a student with them; but, would I have time to take advantage of any of these perks like events and workshops? Well… I have one piece of advice for you, TAKE ADVANTAGE!

As a part-time student, you have access to most workshops and events for free, and there are lots to choose from. I have attended a fair amount of them already, and have loved each one. This week I attended a Lunch & Learn that stood out from the rest. It was such a valuable hour that I have been recounting and sharing information from it all week! At $15, this Lunch & Learn was a steal. The Lunch & Learn was hosted by the founder of Quantum Coffee (Quantum is the delicious and trendy coffee shop attached to BrainStation), where I often fuel up before class. Not only did I learn lots from this lunchtime seminar, but I also had a chance to break up my workday and get re-inspired before heading back to my desk. It was such a welcomed break to my day, and I cannot speak highly enough of the content provided. Not to mention, we had an awesome lunch from a local favourite. It’s no wonder it was a full house.

We’re all busy, and we’re all hustling on the daily – but, might I suggest you put an hour aside this week to invest in yourself and your continued education?

Kelsey is taking BrainStation's Visual Design course in Toronto!

Kelsey is taking BrainStation’s User Interface Design course in Toronto!

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