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By Mary Colpo August 10, 2016


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Two more weeks until my course is complete! This has been such a fulfilling journey and I’m quite sad to have it wind down and start coming to a close. In last week’s class we were prepped on the expectations for our final class…doing a mock-up and final project presentation!

I’m really excited about the progression of my course project. Before starting this course, my main goal was to be somewhat proficient with the design process and strategy for creating a functional and responsive website. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been designing a desktop site for a mock business. The greatest reward has been seeing all the separate pieces come together for the final project. From choosing my typefaces and fonts back in week 2, to developing a UI kit in weeks 3 and 4, to transferring my paper wireframe drafts to Sketch versions in weeks 5 and 6, it’s been an awesome ride! I’m still a week away from having my end version complete so I’ll save the reveal for my final blog post! I know this next class before our presentation will be my last chance to get feedback so I’m currently working on getting all the Sketch artboards ready for importing to InVision (prototyping tool) so my prototype is ready to go.

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It’s incredible to think of all the things that I’ve learned in 2 short months and I wish I had an extra 5 hours every day to practice everything more thoroughly! I find the main challenge of part-time/shorter courses is finding the time to fully develop and apply all the course learnings. In my case, I would have loved to take a Photoshop and Sketch course before taking UI Design. I think having a foundation in design tools would have helped me progress much more quickly and allowed me to design at a higher creative level. As a result, I found that a substantial portion of my homework time went to self-teaching basic functionality in the tools. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (we all have to start somewhere right?!), but I noticed that others in the class who came with a stronger foundation of the tools were able to work faster and more effectively on their projects.

My classmates are honestly so awesome. We come with a diverse set of backgrounds, education, and experiences, but are united in our pursuit of learning UI design. This common thread and collective passion to learn has further amplified my enjoyment of the course. Moreover, it’s been very valuable having the opportunity to present to each other the evolution of our respective projects. I’ve gotten wider exposure to different styles and creative approaches through my classmates’ projects. The opportunity to get honest feedback (both good and bad) cannot be underestimated.  I’m excited to present my final project in 2 weeks and beyond that, eager to apply the skills I’ve learned throughout the course. I welcome the opportunities that come with pushing boundaries, pursuing challenges, and exploring new passions!

Mary is taking User Interface Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Mary is taking User Interface Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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