Student Experience | User Experience, Erica Wong

By Erica Wong July 4, 2016


Tell us a bit about yourself – your education, current role, why you decided to enrol in the UX Design?

I am Erica, a graduate student from Simon Fraser University in Media Arts (one of the SIAT program), currently working as an UI designer in a mobile company located in Downtown Vancouver. As an UI designer, my daily work mostly involve creating mockups for apps and websites, exporting art assets as well as creating new graphics when necessary. Recently, I was asked to work on an UX project and found UX is much more interesting and rewarding; however, it is also frustrating sometimes coming up with better solutions. And since UX and UI are both very closely related, I figured, it won’t hurt to learn more about UX and add to my skill sets as a UX/UI designer.

What are your goals for the course?

My main goal for this course is to learn how to think as an UX designer and design a product that can aids targeted users on a day to day basis.

It’s been 2 weeks since the course kicked off – what have you found the most interesting thus far?

Currently the most interesting I found so far is how each student come up with their project ideas. We all came from different backgrounds, graphic designer, market researchers and some are more business orientated. Ye, we are all here to learn more about UX and coming up with solutions to a problem. Some of them based their ideas on research, some basically come up with project ideas based on what frustrates them the most on a day-to-day basis.


How would you describe the learning environment?

The learning environment is friendly, bright and pretty laid back! 🙂

What have you found to be challenging?

Most challenging part of the course so far will be coming up with a project idea and applying the research strategy we have learned to come up with target users and possible solution.

What are your goals for week 3 & 4?

In week 3 and 4, I’m hoping to come up with better solutions and research to solidify my project idea and begin to work on some wireframe work.


Erica is taking UX Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

User Experience Design
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