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By Todd Katsuyama May 25, 2016

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1. Just two weeks left until your course is complete! What new knowledge have you found has had the greatest impact on you?

The course is definitely flying by so fast!  The greatest impact working with new knowledge is how I can better organize my Social Media Management.  The online world is vast and abundant, and at the same time can become cluttered like a never ending puzzle to put together. 

Knowledge gained from the course helped to better organize content, choosing appropriate social media platforms, utilizing paid and organic content, and build effective campaigns which are just a few examples.  I can utilize the multitude of digital skills to compliment my work and personal profile.

2. Can we get a sneak peek at your final project?

My team (Digital IQ) will be presenting to Beach Travellers, a company specializing in adventure travel.  Graeme is one of the co-founders, and also an alumni at BrainStation too!  While we are dreaming of being out on the beach, my team is focusing to complete the project.  

We recognized a few KPIs for certain campaigns, initiatives with their Student Brand Manager program, and confirmed the marketing budget.  We also learned they are launching a new website at

BeachTravellers CostaRica YouTube

3. What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging?

I find the most rewarding aspect is learning from terrific educators, collaborating with my fellow classmates.  The adaptive nature of the course has been rolling along in a comfortable and engaging learning environment.  It’s a great way to maximize my Monday nights while learning new concepts within just a few hours.

The most challenging aspect is trying to tie in the wealth knowledge acquired into the final presentation.  We have a breadth of tools and tactics we want to tie together for the presentation, but will have to arrange in a way to optimize into just a 10-minute pitch presentation.

4. What are your goals for your final two weeks of the course?

Now that we are entering the stretch run, my goal is to refine the ideas and recommendations for the final project presentation.

I completed the Google Adwords and Analytics certification (Happy Dance!), but there is still tons of readings, videos, tutorials, and new concepts I am hammering away at.  For a sense of completion, there are other AdWords exams such as Video, Shopping, and Mobile Advertising, and I intend to pass these exams by the end of the course.


Todd is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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