Student Experience | Tanya Brown, Digital Marketing

By BrainStation June 1, 2017

Get to know Tanya, Digital Marketing student in Toronto who joined us for 10 weeks without a lick of marketing experience. Coming from a science background, Tanya was keen to dive into something foreign and learn alongside bright individuals. Get inspired by Tanya and learn how she plans on using her new Digital Marketing skills.

What is your current educational and professional background? What role do you currently hold in your career?

I graduated from UofT with a focus of study in biology & psychology, but more specifically neuroscience background. I currently work at the Rotman Research Institute with a focus on cognitive neuroscience research. My role is as the Program Manager of The Virtual Brain, which is a software platform technology for simulating the human brain with the capacity to be an advisor for clinical decision making in brain health.

What course are you taking this cohort and why did you decide to enroll?

The Virtual Brain is currently in transition, from a research project to an incorporated company. With that, much of my current role resides within a “startup ecosystem” and applying an entrepreneurial approach – ‘master of all’ (science, project management, marketing, managing), which has introduced a welcomed pressure to up-skill within multiple domains beyond fundamental scientific research.

Did you have any prior experience within that field?

None whatsoever; all of my formal education has come in under the umbrella of life sciences and my professional career has resided within the field of science.

How did you first hear about BrainStation?

When BrainStation first opened, I was intrigued by the content it offered based on its alignment with where, at that time, I could foresee some of my newly needed skills being garnered from. BrainStation notably imparted a fresh opportunity to expand my CV in a completely new direction. And although originally it may seem questionable about the practical application of digital marketing skills in science, in actuality it is already proving to help me stand out from my more linearly skilled colleagues. Also, the name and logo were relevantly aligned with much of my field of work so naturally it caught my eye.

What made you decide to take the leap to build a new digital skill?

Being a part of a small team of academics, much of our team’s efforts have been devoted to development of our product, with not much being done it terms of marketing or communications. My counterparts in the field were also lacking in terms of know-how and I deemed that by having some formal topical teachings would help put us ahead of competitors. Additionally, no one else on our team has demonstrated an interest, whereas I have always been intrigued with social media and recognize its omnipresent importance

What component or area of the course are you most interested in?

SEO, channels, growth hacking, new tools in the field that would otherwise take significant time to find & trial. Getting advice about what works, and equally important, what doesn’t work, was tremendously valuable and time saving for me.

What have you enjoyed learning about the most thus far?

Studies at BrainStation have offered a formidable change of focus for me – it has been incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by bright minds, new content and concepts, and opened an entirely new mode of thinking about our new company…all amongst a beautiful backdrop to boot.

What do you hope to accomplish in the 10 weeks? Do you plan on applying some of your new found skills and knowledge in more of a personal or professional form?

There isn’t an immediate need for me to apply much of the skills I gained through the Digital Marketing course, but this is surely only temporary as there is an impending need for me to take action in terms of company creation and complimentary branding, messaging, social media, as well as overall web presence, in the very near future.

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