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By Tammy O'Connor May 11, 2016

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So, week 6 has just finished and I felt like this past week was one of the first classes that I didn’t feel completely lost in! Go me! Conner Galway (social media extraordinaire) from Junction YVR, was the guest instructor this past week and he had a lot of great knowledge to pass along. We learned about growth hacking and some interesting new ways to grow social media outlets for your business. Something that I found very interesting was the social media influencers aspect of it all. I have always been so interested in why companies reach out to certain people and how those influencers are compensated. There are so many different ways to promote your business, and I now have some insight as to how the best outlets are chosen.

Thus far, I feel as though this past week has been my favorite aspect of the course. And no, not just because I get it, but because I feel as though this is something that I can personally put to great use. As an employee of successful salon and spa, I have recently found myself very interested in how we market our services, products, and employees to the public. I have collaborated with the person who leads our social media accounts, and we have come up with some great ways to change it up.

My group and I were appointed Vancouver clothing company Kit and Ace for our final presentation. We have been asked to roll out a marketing plan for new products and global expansion. As a person that is not very familiar with the brand, it is very interesting to look into the inner workings and social media accounts of this company and brainstorm ideas about how they can add more value to these various accounts. With Kit and Ace already being a very successful business and breaking into the international market fairly quickly, I find it a little difficult to come up with a global plan for them. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be diving into what we have left to complete for the project.

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Tammy is taking Intro to Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

Tammy is taking Intro to Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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