Student Experience | Sofia Corbo, Digital Marketing

By BrainStation May 16, 2017

digital marketing student

Get to know Sofia, a BrainStation student enrolled in our part-time Digital Marketing course in Toronto.

What is your current educational and professional background? What role do you currently hold in your career?

I completed my undergraduate degree at Ryerson University in The School of Fashion’s Fashion Communication program. Currently, I work primarily as an Assistant Buyer for George C Toronto, a boutique retail business. Because it’s a small team – I have the opportunity to wear many hats, including looking after our online presence.

What course are you taking this cohort and why did you decide to enroll?

I’m currently enrolled in Digital Marketing for the Spring ’17 cohort. I chose to enroll because I think the skills within the digital marketing spectrum (whether you work corporate or for a small business) are relevant now more than ever. I wanted to go a little more in depth and learn what I can do to allow the business I work for to stand out digitally, as well personally.

Did you have any prior experience within that field?

I had no experience prior, and most of the content we’ve covered is new to me.

How did you first hear about BrainStation?

For one, I pass it every day on my way home and the big lettering on the windows always caught my eye. I had also seen posts about BrainStation around on social media, and it always seemed intriguing. A friend on Instagram had posted that she was finishing up her UX course and I messaged her directly to get her thoughts on it. She had nothing but great things to say about her experience.

What made you decide to take the leap to build a new digital skill?

I really felt with my time at Ryerson we really only scratched the surface of what Digital Marketing can offer to a business, and I wanted to learn more ways to grow and ultimately, drive sales through a creating a strong online presence.

What component or area of the course are you most interested in?

I think all the internal efforts that go in to AdWords, SEO and SEM are completely fascinating. I do think that it takes time to master those skills, though. I found Paid Social to be my favourite topic so far, and one newfound skill I’m looking forward to applying at my job.

What have you enjoyed learning about the most thus far?

It’s hard to say as each week is so different, and since I’m such a newbie, I’m learning so many different paths a Digital Marketer can take! That said though, I think paid social is my favourite. Looking forward to learning about effective e-mail marketing as well.

What did you decide on for your course project?

Our group is focusing on Bite Beauty and it’s incredible success in the beauty industry as a young company, growing bigger and faster each year, while still maintaining it’s integrity.

What do you hope to accomplish in the 10 weeks? Do you plan on applying some of your new found skills and knowledge in more of a personal or professional form?

In the 10 weeks of my time at BrainStation, I really hope to secure a more thorough understanding of all the potential Digital Marketing has to offer – and go forward to apply these newfound skills professionally. However, knowing what I do now, I feel confident I can also market myself personally to stand out online as well.

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